Smoke Detector Information

Do I really need smoke detectors in my home?

YES!!! We cannot emphasize enough the importance of properly located and maintained smoke detectors in the home. Without a doubt, they are the simplest, cheapest, and most cost effective way to provide early warning against fire. Smoke detectors have been required by law since the early 1970's in all new homes built in the State of New Jersey. Requirements for the type, location, and number of smoke detectors have changed over the years.

All smoke detectors within the dwelling unit must be installed and maintained in accordance with NFPA 74. All AC powered smoke detectors must be audibly inter-connected. Each level of the dwelling unit and within 10 feet of each sleeping area is required to have either an AC or a DC powered smoke detector installed. The table below provides you with the requirements of the Construction Code regarding the number and type of smoke detectors required based on the year the dwelling unit was built. The dwelling unit must meet the new requirements of the Code (detectors on each level).

Pre 1975 - DC powered smoke detector on any level

1975-1977 - AC powered on uppermost level

1977-1983 - AC powered smoke detector on uppermost and basement level (if applicable)

1983-1991 - AC powered smoke detector on all levels

1991-present - AC powered smoke detector with a backup DC powered smoke detector on each level and in each sleeping area.

Remember that the easiest way to maintain your smoke detectors is to test weekly, and keep fresh batteries in them. "Change Your Clock, Change your Battery".